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Perhaps when you think of sales or marketing messaging you think push, manipulation and….. there’s an inner dread at the thought of doing it. That dread may be a silent handcuff that holds you back from business development.

Time ticks...and ticks...and you still haven’t made your move.

But what if you could change your perception of marketing? What if you could view it differently, so you’re motivated to market?

I have a client who told me the other day that her new marketing mantra is, “Marketing is easy and fun!” Before our work together, she had the totally opposite view.

She inspired me to write about one of my first loves, marketing. I’ve had a love affair with marketing for a long time and here is my viewpoint of good marketing.

Good marketing…

...doesn’t come across as status quo societal marketing. original, not cliche.

...speaks truth and has a human element.

...doesn’t give you something you don’t want, but something to look forward to. much more than it takes.

...provides a bridge that solves your market’s needs.

...speaks to a desire that subtly whispers, “I see you. I hear you. I understand your needs.” doing the opposite, of what everyone else is doing. elevated creativity that makes you laugh, smile or feel good as opposed to repulsed. warmth to the person reading it. compelling enough that people REACH out.

...isn’t trial and error or throwing something against the wall hoping it will stick. strategic, methodical and has roots and research to back it up.

... gives hints of success within hours of launch because the messaging nailed it!

If I speak to your desire, I’m connecting.

If I share my truth, I’m giving you something that connects you to me without trying.

That is good marketing.

I listened to a webinar the other day by Jeff Molander and he was speaking to the marketing craze of saturated Coronavirus empathy messages that are now old and cliche. I don’t know if you’ve thought yet, “Not another @#$%ing Coronavirus email!”

He states to stop mentioning Coronavirus and adds that when everyone zigs, you gotta zag.

Most marketers research the competition and position the same but different with no

originality or flare. They’re tactical with no strategy. They guess on topics hoping they’ll stick only to get frustrated at low outcomes.

Unfortunately, there’s only a small percentage of people who really produce this level of good marketing. I’ll name a few people who do the visibility piece well: Ryan Holiday sends out the Daily Stoic and Michael Dooley sends messages from the universe. They both exhibit GOOD MARKETING!

So take a look at those and begin to identify good marketing as opposed to overused and cliched messages. And if this has connected with you, please give us a shout out. We love to hear from you and we appreciate you. If you need any audits or feedback on a piece of content that isn’t working, feel free to let us know. We’re here to serve.

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