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About Us

ABOUT South Central Insurance Brokers

How South Central Insurance Brokers (we) began.

Before I started South Central Insurance Brokers, I was a carrier rep for a well known supplemental and disability insurance company. We focused on group voluntary insurance. At first it was just a job, but then, after a while, I was able to help a few people with some serious claims.


Our transition into providing group health benefits.

After seeing the enormous impact insurance was able to make in the lives of the policy holders and their families, I fell in love with the industry and what it does for people.


Along the way, I noticed that there were many smaller sized companies who were not being served at the highest level for their group health insurance. Some were not being taken care of by their current broker. Other employers just didn’t offer group health insurance. When I asked why, the most common answer was cost.

Our passion for helping the small business owner during their growth phase.

I wanted to start an insurance brokerage that specialized in helping these small businesses get high quality employee benefits at the best possible cost. I knew that the perceived cost of a high quality benefits program is what holds most business owners back from implementing this into their business. I also know that most business owners want to take care of their employees at the highest level and this, many times, is the one thing that has been unattainable. I educated myself on the rules and regulations of group health insurance and what carriers best serve the small business owner. 


Helping business owners reduce retention and grow. 

And so, I did just that. I started my own independent insurance brokerage. I have helped many small business owners find affordable high quality employee benefit programs. But, I discovered the common pain of retention that business owners face diminished or, in some cases, was eliminated. Because they are offering employee benefits, they are able to attract and retain high quality employees. The morale and company culture is instantly improved as the employees feel the business owner cares about their well being. When the business attracts and retains high quality employees, the morale and work culture functions at the highest level, and their business grows! In fact, many of our clients who have started out as smaller employers are now becoming much larger. 

Who we have become. 

Today we are still helping businesses grow and expand by offering competitive benefit packages to keep employees happy. We have been helping businesses since 2010 and serve over 150 different companies. While it is true that we do serve employer groups who have large amounts of employees, as well as our smaller groups, we understand the struggles and the pains of the smaller businesses and have helped many of them change their business forever. We love seeing new companies grow and appreciate the opportunities to help business owners to stay competitive and protect their employees financially with benefit packages that serve them.


Bryan Comeaux - President of South Central Insurance Brokers

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Our mission is to help businesses grow by offering employee benefit packages to recruit, and retain high performing employees. 


South Central Insurance Brokers is becoming the foremost expert in the southeast region of the United States, on all employee benefit solutions. We work with business owners who care about their employees and their business growth. We help them find the best coverage at the best possible cost. Our long term vision is to expand nationwide, so that we can help more people.

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We Believe In:

  • Helping people find insurance plans that meet their needs at the best possible cost.

  • Explaining what their insurance does, and, more importantly, what it doesn’t do.

  • Being responsive to our clients - we respond to each call, email, text, and voicemail within 1 business day.

  • Being an advocate for our clients with the insurance carriers 

  • The value of long term business relationships

  • Truly caring about the well being of the employees and business owners and meeting their needs

  • Happy productive employees create business growth

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