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Employee Benefits

Businesses benefit significantly from providing employees with access to health insurance coverage.

Offering benefits in your company will attract the best from the talent pool in your area. Think about it: if company A offers the same pay as company B, but company B has benefits, which company do you think the talent goes too? In fact, studies have shown that more people are willing to work for a slightly lower salary but at a job that offers benefits than at a job with a higher salary but no benefits.

Offering benefits helps employees to stay healthy, which keeps them be more productive at work.

Also, take into consideration that employees feel more valued and are more likely to remain loyal and committed to a company that offers benefits.

For health insurance we can offer traditional health insurance plans, level funded, and self funded options. We don’t just do health insurance though, we can implement:

  • Group Health Insurance

  • Group Dental

  • Group Vision

  • Group Disability

  • Life Insurance

  • Supplemental / Voluntary Benefits

We even have strategic partnerships with well known financial service experts in the area if you need to implement a group retirement program (ex: 401k). If that is something you need, we can bring them in with us. Simply put, South Central Insurance Brokers can be the one brokerage firm to handle it all for you.

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