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South Central Insurance Brokers

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Marybeth Harrington
Louisiana Funeral Services

Working with Bryan is a smooth process. He is honest and dependable. When working with other people, I felt like I would have to question if they were adding things I didn’t need to raise my premium. Bryan is genuine and I don’t feel that way with him.”

Maria Roseberry
Nunu's Fresh Market

Bryan is helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go that extra mile for us. Working with him is a wonderful experience. We always get a fast response whenever we need something. He’s there and willing to help. If I am not understanding an invoice, all I have to do is ask.

Mikalyn Alborado
Acadia Foot Care

Bryan is helpful, dependable, friendly, and he is always honest with us. We have someone else  often calling to get us to switch, but we won’t. We are satisfied with our business relationship with South Central Insurance Brokers.

Jennifer Kahtz
Emotive Pull

I have been working with Bryan Comeaux for 4 months now. We’ve been revamping his branding communications and I've had the amazing opportunity of understanding his business through his customers' perspectives and their testimonials to his level of care. He’s had the same customer’s, some for a decade, and they rave about his attentiveness, industry expertise, and honest character. He's built strong trust with them through his dedication, and his consistency of going that extra mile.

He truly cares about the companies he serves and focuses on making group benefits/healthcare coverage easy and simple. His customers compliment both the ease they have working with him and the level of care he gives.

I also sent him a referral and the response and gratitude for sending him is still appreciated by the gal I referred. She shared that his assistance brought her relief and made healthcare coverage easy and affordable. I can refer and recommend him to anyone, coming from first hand experience.

Valencia Demuchest
Acadiana Hope and Wellness

Basically, South Central Insurance Brokers handles it all for us. I don’t think I can get that anywhere else. So one of the benefits of having South Central (Bryan), is his hands-on approach to explaining the plans to us, before we make the purchase, so that we know exactly what we are getting and do not have regrets after. My staff loves his accessibility. We like that we can call him and he gets right on it.

Davis Corbett
Beehive Homes

Having health insurance provides peace of mind for my staff. Bryan  explains everything so well. I don’t have to sit there and keep asking for missing details like with other insurance brokers. I think for others it's just a job. For Bryan, because he owns his own brokerage, it’s more. He takes pride in the process.”

Kermit Menard

 Retired a year ago this October, checked around with everyone in town for part B along with my Medicare part A. South Central Insurance was the best for my situation. Bryan helped set me up. It was easy. 

Brenda Coletta

Bryan was very patient with me and he is a blessing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends. 

Bryan is amazing! He listened to all of our concerns and needs and helped us find the right insurance for the right price. He's always available for questions by phone! 

Mel Nelson

Bryan is a blessing. He knows his business and has an amazing wealth of knowledge in this Medicare fiasco. I never thought turning 65 would be so tough. He definitely calmed my panic attack. I would recommend him to all.

Amber Thibodeau Hargrave

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