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 Case Studies

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Acadiana Hope and Wellness

Medical Industry


Acadiana hope and wellness came to us when they were facing struggles being competitive as a small business. They needed to offer some type of benefits to our employees. They  wanted to attract people to a place that they felt like they could grow. Having high turnover was overwhelming for them and they noticed they were losing good people to competition who had better benefit packages. 


We helped the owner find group health insurance, disability insurance, and supplemental insurance.


The business now enjoys a lower turnover, is more attractive to recruiting top talent, and they are expanding and growing.

"South Central Insurance Brokers treats us like family. Anytime there is an issue, Mr. Bryan gets involved hands on. We really like that. He has made obtaining insurance easy for us. Basically, they handle it all for us. My staff loves Bryan’s accessibility. We like that we can call you and you get right on it."

Val Demochest

>>Technology Services

Louisiana Funeral

Funeral Home


LA funeral came to us because they had employees who needed health care coverage. They were looking for affordable benefits and felt it would attract and retain good quality staff as well. They were struggling to find something affordable that meets everyone’s needs. Affordability was big for them.


We took them through our process and found plans that met their needs. We helped them through the process of gaining coverage. They were surprised that it was less expensive than they thought and happy to have coverage for their employees.


“We are happy with our benefit plan because we have something for our employees that is both affordable and valuable. I tell employees they need to check out the benefits plan. They often think they can’t afford it, but when they speak to Bryan, they find it’s more affordable than they think, especially for the peace of mind it gives.”

MaryBeth Harrington

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Abudget Electrical

Electrical Contractor 


Abudget's employees didn't have insurance and a couple of them had families facing financial difficulties. They wanted to be able to offer something that could help them.​


We evaluated the needs of the employees and found coverage that gave them the protection, while also contributing to affordability for the business owner. 



We got to know their employees personally to be able to help them one on one. They were happy with the coverage we provided. 

"Bryan seemed very calm, outgoing and ready to solve any problems that we had. I felt he would be able to carry us all the way. He’s pleasant, very open, and easy to understand, (making it simple). He returns phone calls fast anytime we need anything. I never had that with anyone before. He actually got to know everyone personally to be able to help them one on one without having to run everything through me." 

Kollie Doucet, Owner

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