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Reduce Turnover, 
Attract and Retain Top Talent.

for your brand, sales and marketing channels. 


Having high turnover was overwhelming. Since providing healthcare benefits through South Central Insurance Brokers our turnover has reduced significantly. Valencia

Who we are and how we help?

We are an independent brokerage firm who specializes in helping business owners provide employee benefits, so that your company attracts and retains highly skilled employees, for greater growth. Business owners who work with us feel better knowing they have affordable options to protect their employees financial well being.

Who is South Central Insurance Brokers For?

Who we are for:

  • Your employees are asking for healthcare benefits. 

  • You're experiencing high turnover.

  • You want an effective plan for recruiting, and retaining highly skilled people.

  • You recently lost employees to better benefit packages.

  • You need to stay competitive in the labor pool.

  • Your employees are experiencing health issues and you need coverage for them.

  • You want to attract loyal people who are committed to working for you.

How to know when to call us. 

How We Impact Business Owners?
Claims taken from real client interviews

  • Feel better knowing you have options to protect your employees financial well being.

  • Grow your business by attracting top talent.

  • Discover benefit coverage is more affordable than you thought. 

  • Feel good about helping those who are contributing to your business growth.

  • Stay competitive in the labor pool.

  • Reduce turnover; increase attraction and retention of highly skilled employees.

  • Help you and your team financially for medical events.

When working with us you'll: 


We serve both businesses who have never offered benefits and larger corporations who are not being served at the highest level. We work with many different industries: 

  • Medical 

  • Construction

  • Government Entities (Parish workers,)

  • Financial institutions

  • Smaller Brick and Mortar companies

  • Law firms

  • School districts

  • Farms


How we work (our process)

1. Initial Consultation: 

It all starts with the initial consultation. Once we find out what your goals are, we can make a recommendation that best fits your situation. We strive to get you the highest level of benefits for the lowest cost we can.

2. Enrollment:

Once you have all of your benefit options picked out, we will do all of the employee education, enroll them in the benefits they want, and submit everything to the insurance carriers. 

3. After Enrollment: 

Once the enrollment is turned in to the insurance carriers, we will then create deduction sheets, so that you know exactly how much to payroll deduct for each employee, per pay period. We will even offer to help you get this set up in your payroll  system if you need.

Ongoing Care:
Once we have your initial enrollment complete, we will collaboratively review your benefit choices annually, to ensure that these programs are continuing to meet your needs. This is a long term business relationship in our eyes and we want this process to be as smooth as possible, and we hold your hand every step of the way so that this is easy for you.

What others are saying

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“Basically, South Central Insurance Brokers handles it all for us. I don’t think I can get that anywhere else. One of the main benefits of having South Central (Bryan), is his hands-on approach to explaining the plans to us, before we make the purchase, so that we know exactly what we are getting and do not have regrets after. My staff loves his accessibility. We like that we can call him and he gets right on it.”

Valencia Demouchest, Owner

“Working with Bryan is a smooth process. He is honest and dependable. When working with other people, I felt like I would have to question if they were adding things I didn’t need to raise my premium. Bryan is genuine and I don’t feel that way with him.” 

 MaryBeth Harrington,

Funeral Home Director

 “Bryan is helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go that extra mile for us. Working with him is a wonderful experience. We always get a fast response whenever we need something. He’s there and willing to help. If I am not understanding an invoice, all I have to do is ask. “


Maria Roseberry, Human Resources Manager

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